Youtube Vertical Video On The Rise


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If you weren’t sure about vertical videos before, you can be sure about it now because vertical videos aren’t going anywhere.

YouTube has announced that they’re rolling out a new vertical video ad format.          

According to the company, more than 70% of YouTube watch time happens on mobile devices and because of that, YouTube acknowledges that it´s important to adapt to their viewing behaviors.   Companies and brands will now have the option to upload vertical videos and run video advertisements that will conform to a viewer’s mobile screen.  Vertical videos can be run in ad campaigns across YouTube´s aps and through its new True View.

In its  announcement,  YouTube showcased  a Hyundai  vertical  video   advertisement  that  the  car  company  tested  out.   The  Vertical  Video  ads  run  in  a  campaign  along  with  their  mobile  horizontal   video  commercials.  You Tube  states  that  paired  with   the  vertical  video, Hyundai campaign´s  video  overall   saw  a  33%  lift  in  brand awareness  and  a  nearly  12%  lift  in  consideration.   “Vertical Videos look like they´ll make advertisers very happy”.

With this ad format move, YouTube, the  last  of  the  major  vertical  video  holdouts– is also   signaling   is  here  to  stay.

As the most senior of the online video platforms, YouTube had been playing a bit of catch-up when it comes to vertical video.   With the  rise  of  smartphones   and  the  ability  to  quickly   and easily  shoot  video  with  them,   more  and  more  videos  started  to  be  created   by people  who just  point  and  shoot  with  their  mobile   device  held  upright,  vertically.


Rolling  Out: ˈroʊlɪŋ aʊt:  To  make a new product, service,  or  system  available  for  the  first  time.  ˈ

To  Acknowledge: tu ækˈnɑlɪʤ: To  accept,  admit  or  recognize   something,   or  the  truth  or  existence  of  something.

To  Showcase: ˈʃoʊˌkeɪs: To  show  the  best  qualities  or  parts  of  something. ˈʃoʊˌkeɪst

Brand Awareness: brænd əˈwɛrnəs:   Knowledge  of  the  name  of  a  company   and  the  products  it  sells.

Holdout: hoʊlˌdaʊt  A  person,  organization  or  country   that  continues  to  refuse  to  accept   something  that  others  have  already  accepted,   despite  other people  trying  to  persuade  them  to.

Catch-Up: kæʧ-ʌp: To  reach  the  same  quality  or  standard   as  someone  or  something  else. 

Upright: əˈpraɪt : Straight up  or  vertical.

Brand: brænd  : A  company,  For  example:  Sonny,  Samsung.

Advertisment: ˈædvərˌtaɪzmənt:  To market  a  product.

Paired: pɛrd:   To work  together  as  a  team.

Adapt: piɛrd:  To  get  used  to  something  or  a situation.



Have you tried to record videos horizontally? What was your experience?


  Before  you start  reading  a  test,  try  to   look  up  the  new  words  and  vocabulary  that  you  aren´t  used  to.


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