Writing a Christmas Card

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Christmas cards have been around since the 1840s. They’ve had their ups and downs and, like all things that inspired Christmas, have often gotten caught up in the mass- commercialization. But in an age where digital correspondence is the norm and personal letters are considered to be a one of a kind gift, a hand-written note can still bring joy and pleasure to someone’s holiday season.

So if you want to give something special and unique in this season, don’t forget the following recommendations:

Think of whom you are sending the card to.

It’s important to spend some time for the thoughts and the ideas that you want to share with your beloved ones. If you are planning to send a lot cards, think about the many people that the cards are going to be forwarded to. It could be a family member or your lover; everyone deserves a special message and not just a prefabricated Hallmark card.

Be as creative as you can!

This is a unique time on the Roman calendar, so dare to get the most of it! If you want to use the fluorescent markets that you weren’t capable to use in the past, do it now. There’s no time like the present as there’s no holiday like Christmas holiday!

Handcraft = handwriting

Don’t put limits on your Christmas cards, you don’t need to have the writing “aesthetic” skills, if you have cuts of several magazine’s you can develop a great card with the love and the dedication that a hand-madden gift could give.

Well, now I just hope to see a lot of Christmas cards this year!


  • Correspondence: Correspondences may come in the form of letters, emails, text messages, voicemails, notes, or postcards.
  • Hand-written: Written with a pen, pencil, or other handheld implement.
  • Prefabricated: Manufacture sections of (especially a building or piece of furniture) to enable quick or easy assembly on site.
  • Handcraft: Make skillfully by hand.
  • Aesthetic: Concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.


Try to come up with a card inspired by a “meme”.


  • Have you written a Christmas card?

Welcome to this activity created by Learning Advisor Ms. Clarissa from Reforma Branch. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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