Word Smart: 5 Recommendations to be Fluent

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Practicing  English  is  one  of  the  funniest  and  most  rewarding  part  when  it  comes  to  learn  English.  Once  you  start  to  speak,  there  are  different  ways  to  improve  your  skills  quickly  while  having  lots  of  fun.  Here  are  some  tips  to  improve  your  spoken  English   and  having  a  great  time  while  you  doing   it.

1.-SPEAK,  SPEAK,  SPEAK: Be  confident  and  speak  as  much  as  possible. Don´t be shy to make mistakes.  The  more  you  practice,  the  better  and  more  confident  you  will  become  in  your  pronunciation  and vocabulary.

2.-USE  TECHNOLOGY: A  Smartphone  can  be  a  powerful  tool  to  learn  English.  Use  it  to  record  yourself  while  speaking,  then  listen  to  check  it  out   how  your  English  sounds  to  other  people.  Make  the  most  of  all  your  favorite  Apps  to  organize  your  practice  time  and  take  notes  of  all  the  words  you  learn.

3.-LISTEN:  Listen to new bulletins and songs in English to listen the pronunciation. You can also learn new words and expressions this way. The more you listen, the more you learn. Try to copy what you listen to so that you can get the pronunciation and the stress of some words in a sentence.

4.-READ LOUDLY: Read a newspaper or a magazine out to yourself. You even find a script for your favorite TV show and act it out. This is a great way to practice pronunciation because you only need to concentrate on making sure your English sounds great.

5.-WATCH  FILMS: Watch  movies  in  English   and  pay  attention  to  new  vocabulary   and  the  way  it  is  pronounced.  Imitate the actors and have fun while doing it.


  • Rewarding: Providing satisfaction, gratifying.
  • Tool:  Any useful instrument or simple piece to do a particular kind of work.
  • Bulletin: A short official statement or broadcast summary of news.
  • Stress: The  manner  in  which  stresses   are  distributed  on  the  syllables  of  a  Word.


Try  to  say  the  following  tongue  twister  as fast  as  possible!

A tree toad loved a she-toad,
Who lived up in a tree.
He was a three-toed tree toad,
But a two-toed toad was she.
The three-toed tree toad tried to win,
The two-toed she-toad’s heart,
For the three-toed tree toad loved the ground,
That the two-toed tree toad trod.
But the three-toed tree toad tried in vain.
He couldn’t please her whim.
From her tree toad bower,
With her two-toed power,
The she-toad vetoed him.


  • What kind  of  activities  do  you  carry  out  to  be  fluent  in  English?

Welcome to this activity created by Team  Leader  in  Charge Mr. Julio  Cesar  Diaz  Barron from Satelite Branch. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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