Which Movies Will you Watch this Month?

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A new year has started and many of us are planning to find opportunities to hang out with our friends and family. And for obvious reasons, watching movies is a good option to share time with them. If you want to watch movies, you can either go to the cinemas or prepare a reunion in your house with popcorn and appetizers. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages but for the ones who really like films and cinematography, it’s perfectly normal to end up doing both things over the course of the year.

This month, you can find good movies in the billboard if you’re looking for action and super hero’s movies. This year, superheroes are set to take over theaters once again. Even with 2018 still pretty fresh in our minds, it’s hard not to admit that 2019 has been sharing that same mental space for some time now. And now, with the New Year finally here, we can look forward to what’s heading our way with the first crop of films that seem like they were just coming soon only yesterday. While it’s a smaller bunch than usual, there’s no shortage of thrills headed our way, with the year’s first record-breaking juggernaut poised to happen in this very month. Let’s keep up this new year of energy as we review the line-up of massive movies heading our way in January 2019!


  • Hang out: Spend time with friends.
  • Appetizers: A small dish of food or a drink taken before a meal or the main course of a meal to stimulate one’s appetite.
  • Billboard: A large outdoor board for displaying advertisements.
  • Crop: A cultivated plant that is grown as food, especially a grain, fruit, or vegetable.


Try to watch some of the movies that came out this month and talk with your learning advisor about the different plots and newness that you saw on them. Also compare the soundtracks and main musical themes that you can mention


  • Which is the best option for movies in the billboards this month and why?
  • Welcome to this activity created by Junior Advisor Adrián Ibarra Guillén from Satelite Branch. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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