Villa Rufolo

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Italy is known for its beautiful landscapes and delicious cuisine and Villa Rufolo is not an exception. This villa is located in Ravello, a town in the province of Salerno. It’s a gorgeous place full of towers, gardens and a spectacular view of the Salerno Gulf. It was constructed by the Rufolo family in the XII century and through the years it has been modified according to the influence of the time.

You can find the great Torre d’Ingresso, from where you can enter to the grounds of the villa and marvel with the domed ceiling of the tower with intertwined arches. This type of architecture can be found all around the villa, along with gothic, Arabian and Norse influences.

You can visit the best part of the villa which are the gardens contrasting the sea. Inspire yourself with the view and the colors of the different flowers. Enjoy every summer the Ravello Festival, an internationally recognized event with music and dance. You can also visit the square of Ravello or the beach not so far away.

Royalty, Popes and famous artists have stayed in the villa or near it. In fact, people like D.H. Lawrence, Boccaccio or Richard Wagner were inspired by the beauty of this Italian site.



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Which other beautiful places do you know in Italy?

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