Types of Resolutions

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People all around the world use New Year as an excuse to start to do things that they haven’t done during the whole year. These kind of things are usually seen as positive or good things that seem to somehow improve your life and happiness. Some of the most common examples are to earn more money, to lose weight, to buy a car or a new cellphone, and other shallow things that usually involve only material things.

By this I don’t mean that they are less important, but I actually think that if we want thing to change around the world, we should start the change with ourselves. First of all we should stop and think about our behavior with other people and the kind of thoughts, decisions and things that we take and do.

Are they making us a better human being? Are they making us less selfish? Are they going to help the environment or are they just going to make pollution worse? Is the new i-phone 20 really necessary or are you just supporting consumerism?

I think that some of the new year resolutions and changes that we should make is to stop blaming everyone for everything that happens to us and actually start taking responsibility in our actions and decisions, stop criticizing everyone and everything around us and start making changes in our own behavior and actions, stop envying other people’s success and instead of that start empowering people around you to achieve their personal goals and actually learn to enjoy someone else’s happiness, stop going on a diet just because we want to look better in a dress and instead of that actually start caring about our health and eat in a balanced and healthy way, and stop suffering each time you work out only because you think that you have to do it or because you are punishing yourself for what you ate, and instead of that start celebrating with exercise what your body is actually capable of doing every day.


  • Selfish: Someone who only thinks of their own advantage and wellbeing.
  • Consumerism: It’s a social and economic order that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts.
  • Empowering: Something or someone that makes you feel confident about yourself.
  • Achieve: To succeed in finishing something or reaching a goal.


Stop revolving around technology all day and relying your life on social media and cellphones, and instead of that spend time with your family, read a good book, enjoy the nature and start living a little. Have a good, healthy, loving and fulfilling New Year!


  • Which are your resolutions for this year?

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