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We have seen the most shocking moments of cinema history and now it’s time for TV series. Some shows like Lost, Orphan Black, The 100 or Supernatural have left us worrying for the characters’ fate and with a million questions of what really happened.

So let’s make a quick review of some of the most shocking cliffhangers in TV series.

ALERT: Spoilers ahead!

Sherlock – The fall

Because of his arch enemy, Moriarty, Sherlock is forced to jump off a building. At first we think it might be fake but then we see his body on the floor…bleeding. Two years of waiting from all the fans led to what really happened and to scratch tons of theories of how he was able to survive.

The Walking Dead – Who did Negan kill?

The last thing we saw, our favorite characters were being surrounded by a new and vicious group who steal everything and kill everyone in their way. Negan, the ultimate antagonist of the series is choosing who he’s going to kill to teach them a lesson. We only see he is hitting someone with his bat, Lucille, and blood splatter on the screen. A year later we have answers in an extremely gory first episode.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Angel goes to hell

Joss Whedon showed us that this was more than a show for teenagers with the shocking second season finale. Here we were at the verge of another apocalypse and Angel, Buffy’s vampire lover, has become evil again (if you don’t know why you should watch the series) and the vampire slayer has to choose between love and what is right. So, to avoid the end of the world he has to send Angel to hell even after realizing he has gotten his soul back. It was heart breaking.

Friends – Wrong bride

This might not be as gory as the other series but it was equally shocking. Ross is about to get married with E-m-i-l-y and in the moment he says his vows instead of his bride’s name he pronounces, Rachel. The audience was surprised for this mistake as well as amused. However, they had to wait until the next season to know how things ended. Did he marry Emily? You know the answer.

Game of Thrones – The wolf and the dragon

The last episode of season seven revealed a scandalous secret. Jon Snow is not Ned Stark’s bastard! He’s actually Aegon Targaryen, the legitimate heir of the iron throne, with stronger rights than Daenerys Targaryen which is in fact his aunt. All this information is given when both characters, aunt and nephew, are having an intense and passionate scene. What will happen next? We wonder…

There are many intense and breathtaking cliffhangers in lots of series. We hope you liked our selection and feel free to comment your theories, your favorite moments and a cliffhanger we might have missed.

The web is dark and full of spoilers!

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