To Be Graceful

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Talented people have an inherent ability to behave gracefully no matter the situation but, how can we achieve this? How can a person be graceful? Let’s make a brief guide of things we can do to live our lives with grace.

Being graceful is more than looking good and behaving in a proper way. There are many details that make a person look graceful such as; being in control of their bodies. Also, being aware of your own body which allows you to avoid tripping over things and makes you look more confident about what you are doing or where you are heading.

It is true that clothes aren’t everything but if you choose the correct ones, you won’t only look graceful, but you’ll be more comfortable. Using clothes that best fit you and your body will make you look better because they won’t restrain your movements but instead they will make you look attractive and elegant even if they are something simple.

Most importantly, you must maintain your composure. We know this can be hard especially if you are an impatient person. Nevertheless, graceful people always stay calm even in stressful situations. Knowing how to speak correctly and practice it every day will help you communicate in a graceful way and people will understand you better.


  • Inherent: Existing as a natural or basic part of something or someone.
  • Trip: When you fall or lose your balance.
  • Restrain: To control the actions of someone o to stop them by force.
  • Achieve: To reach an aim or succeed finishing something.


Read an article out loud, focusing on your pronunciation but also on your own body and posture. Read it as gracefully as you can.


  • Which other elements make a person graceful?


Session 2

Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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