Tinikling (Philippines)

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Tinikling, wich means “bamboo dance”, is the most popular and important of the Philippine dances and it is also honored as the Philippine national dance. To be performed,  it requires much stamina and concentration. The dance imitates the movement of the tikling bird (a small bird with long legs and a long neck) as they walk between bushes, jump over tree branches or dodge bamboo traps set up by rice farmers (because they are such a menace to rice fields in the Philippines).

Dancers imitate the tikling bird’s legendary grace, elegance and speed by maneuvering with expertise between large bamboo poles. Known as one of the oldest folk dances from the Philippines, this dance was originated on the Visayan Islands of Leyte. The appeal of the dance resides in the swiftness of the dancers’ feet, they jump in and out of the bamboo poles, sometimes holding each other’s hands and crisscrossing arms.

Before this dance became what it is today, it had evolved. Today, the Tinikling is performed during cultural gatherings and holidays. Filipino teenagers have also added a rhythmic twist, resulting in what is called “hip-hop Tinikling” and it is the coolest dance ever.



Martha Graham once said that dance is the language of the soul so fill your soul with music and your brain with new words.


  • Do you know about any similar Mexican dance or game? (Which one?)


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