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Writing about love has been an art for centuries, despite the different conceptions of love through history, the feeling is the same. Love is a light, a warm fire that brings you home and a fiery blaze of passion that makes you feel alive. It doesn’t matter if its family, a good friend or your life partner, it is important to express what we feel.

There’s nothing better than loving someone and being loved in return, but how can that special someone know what we are feeling? Sometimes we feel at a loss for words because of the overwhelming intensity of our feelings and we cannot even speak. One solution is to write a letter.

First, you can write down a list of all the things you love about that person. Think about all the reasons why you consider this person special, all the actions and special moments you have spent with him or her. Write several drafts until you are happy with the result. If you feel stuck you can always ask for a friend’s advice.

Simply be honest and describe what you feel. It doesn’t matter if it’s brief, the point is to be honest. You can take inspiration from poems, songs, books or even movies with great declarations of love. You can even dedicate a fragment that expresses what your feelings are, but always write something original of your own, that effort is always appreciated.


  • Blaze: A bright light or fire or an outburst.
  • Draft: A piece of writing or a plan is not yet its finished form.
  • Warm: A temperature between cool and hot.
  • Stuck:  Not able to move anywhere.


Search nice synonyms to describe your feelings. Share it with the Learnex Community in your workouts.


  • Which is the best love speech you have ever seen? Why?

Welcome to this activity. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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