The Rolling Stones vs Led Zeppelin

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Two of the landmark sixties British blues bands, likely the two that mattered most…

This are the two biggest bands of the ’70s, both battled for the title of the «World’s Biggest Rock Band» in 1970. Both bands produced hit albums and singles all throughout the ’70s, changed the face of Rock with their experimentation and their big, legendary style, had some of the most memorable concert tours of all time, hit their musical peak from 1971-1975, and ended the decade by experimenting even further (The Stones with Punk, Disco and Dance music on Some Girls; Led Zeppelin with New Wave, Dance and Electronic music with In Through the Out Door).

Both bands were arguably the biggest of the ’70s overall and really everyone else tried to be them in one way or another, admitting it or not; they sort of defined the whole «Rock Star» lifestyle and the mythos that goes with it.



  • Landmark: a very important, significant, or historic event, time, achievement, etc.
  • Throughoutduring the whole of a period of time.
  • Peak: the highest level or value of something.
  • Lifestyle: the way that you live.


Enjoy and learn at the same time. You can enjoy some of your different favorite songs, artist, bands by listening and singing out loud!

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  • Do you have any memories of these bands?

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