The Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra

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The  Trinity Lavra  of  St.  Sergious   is   the  most  important  Russian  Monastery   and  the  Spiritual  Center  of  the  Russian  Orthodox  Church.  The  monastery  is  situated  in  the  town  of  Sergiyev  Posad,  about  70  kms  to  the  North-east  from  Moscow  by  the  road  leading  to   Yaroslavi,  and  currently  is  home  to  over  300  monks.

ESSENTIALS:  While  the  Trinity  Lavra   is  a  popular  tourist  attraction,  it  is  nonetheless  still   a  sacred  place  that  should  be  treated  with  respect.  Everyone  visiting  Orthodox  Churches  or  Monasteries should  wear  proper attire.

FOR  MEN:  Wear  long pants,  no  shorts  and  hats.

FOR  WOMEN:  Wear  shirts  and  blouses  with  sleeves.  Hair  must  be  covered   with  a  scarf.  No  short  skirts.

This  religious  and  military  complex   represents  an  epitome   of  the  growth  of  Russian   architecture and  contains   some  of  that  architecture´s  finest  expressions.  It  exerted  a  profound  influence   on  architecture  in  Russia     and  other  parts  of Eastern  Europe.

The  property  is  a  serial  one,  including  building  outside   the  main  monastic   compound.

The  Architectural  Ensemble  of  the  Trinity   Sergius  Lavra  possesses  all  the  components  representing   its  outstanding  universal  value.



  • Nonetheless: However, nevertheless.
  • Attire: Cloth especially rich or splendid garments.
  • Epitome:  A thing that is typical of or possesses to a high degree the features of a whole class.
  • Exert: To put into vigorous action.
  • Compound: Composed of two or more parts.


Come up with a Touristic Plan to visit this Monument and write it down.


  • What other architectural attractions do you know about in Russia?

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