The Grinch

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“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas…means a little bit more.”

The Grinch is an iconic character by Dr. Seuss who made you question the true meaning of Christmas. It’s a critique on the consumerism during Christmas season, which makes us forget the roots and the values of the holiday. The character and story reminds you that Christmas is much more than presents, decoration, parties and a lot of food.

The first apparition of the Grinch was in a Dr. Seuss poem called “The Hoobub and the Grinch” and was published in a magazine. Years later, the author wrote “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” which is the story we’ve grown to know so well.

This character is so famous that the term “Grinch” is used to refer a person who dislikes Christmas celebrations and has a negative attitude towards every little thing about the event. The Grinch is a furry green creature who lives in a cave as a hermit and contrasts with the happy people of Whoville.

The Grinch is really tired of the noise and the whole racket of the celebration. In the live action version, it’s also sick of all the garbage the villagers throw every year and the way they don’t appreciate the gifts they give to each other at the end.  With all this in mind, the Grinch decides to put an end to the situation and steal Christmas.

The green fellow steals every little thing that has to do with Christmas, dressed as Santa Claus. He steals from Christmas trees to presents, stockings and even an entire turkey. He doesn’t stop when a little girl named Cindy Lou surprises him stealing her Christmas presents.

The bitter creature expected to ruin the Christmas morning for the entire town of Whoville but instead he found them singing joyfully. It’s in that moment when he realizes that maybe Christmas is something more than material things and decides to return what he stole.

The message of the Grinch, whether it’s a book, a cartoon or a film, is to remember the true meaning of the holiday. We get distracted by all the merchandising around the season and we forget about family values, love and the act of giving not only gifts but quality time to your beloved ones.

Do you love or do you hate Christmas and why? Tell us your story and improve your English.

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