The Conjuring/ Perron Family and The Warrens

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The Conjuring is a 2013 popular horror movie directed by James Wan and revolves around a particular case of the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. These authors were associated with purportedly real haunting reports and in this film, they tell the story of the Perron family.

It was Rhode Island, New York in 1971 when the Perron family decided to move into a farmhouse. Roger and Carolyn Perron bought the property due to the wide space it had to raise their five daughters. Little did they know; this house would be the cause of many nightmarish nights.

Andrea Perron described her experience in a book (House of Darkness House of Light) and through some interviews. She related that the farmhouse was an ideal place to live at the beginning, even if some of her sisters had to share the rooms, everyone had enough space. Suddenly one night, strange things began to happen. The doors of each room opened and lashed violently against the opposite wall. The family members were confused about what originated this event but they never assumed something supernatural was taking place in the house.

Things became strange for the family. The doors didn’t only close by themselves at night, but they heard creepy noises all around the house, things or furniture moved from its original place and something was scaring their pets as well.  And then, they started to see them…people hiding in the darkness…whispering. The youngest daughter even had a bizarre relationship with the ghost of a small boy. Just as you can watch in the movie, the young girl talked with this boy without knowing that he didn’t belong to this world anymore.

Generally, all the spirits were harmless…but there was one that held a grudge against Mrs. Carolyn. One afternoon, Mrs. Perron felt a terrible pain on one calf while resting on the couch, she couldn’t understand the reason why but she saw a round mark on her leg which was pouring blood.

The harassment started, Carolyn felt pinches and even slaps from time to time. On the other hand, Mr. Perron was feeling odd and felt like an invisible hand was touching him with lust when he was alone in the house. All these events made the family investigate about the people who lived before them in the residence and of course, the ones who died there.

The Perron family found out about the story of Bathsheba Sherman, a woman who lived next door in the 1840’s. This woman was married and it is said she had four children. According to the local folklore, Bathsheba killed her children to offer them to the devil. It’s hard to confirm this event, however, this woman was indeed accused of killing one of her babies. They couldn’t prove she was guilty but the peculiarity of the case was the way the baby died. It was found with a large sewing needle pierced in the child’s head.

Historians can’t prove this lady was a witch, but it was known she didn’t treat the help properly and she used to starve and beat the farm staff. Due to this information, they couldn’t help believing it was her presence bothering the family.

The Warrens were called to the house. In that moment, the presence had such a terrible power on them that possessed Carolyn. The case was so bad that, opposite of what we saw on the movie, the presence of the Warrens made things worse. It was until they left, that the entity leave Carolyn’s body alone.


Believe it or not, the family lived ten years in that farmhouse. They didn’t have enough resources to move out and they had to stand the weird things that happened in their house. According to the family testimonies, the experience in the house was similar to what we saw on the movie but is not quite accurate.

Nowadays, the new family living in the same spot is suffering from harassment but from the living. People driven by their curiosity trespass the property and take away the peace of the inhabitants.

Scary, right?

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