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Thailand : Health care for all, at a price.

Providing all of Thailand’s population with subsidised health care required radical changes in the health system.

Thailand took a “big bang” approach to introducing universal access to subsidised health care. In 2001, after years of debate and slow process, it extended coverage to 18.5 million people who were previously uninsured (out of a population of 62 million). This move was combined with a radical shift in funding away from major urban hospitals in order to build up primary care. Such an approach has merits but also risks. People discuss the implementation and some of the problems.

The National Health Security Act was passed by parliament in November 2002, creating new institutions to regulate the quality and financial elements of the scheme. It preserves all benefit entitlements for members of the civil service and social security schemes but places management of their financing with the National Health Security Office, which runs the 30 baht scheme. The act allows for the civil service and social security schemesyto be merged into a single universal coverage schemesyto decree should that become politically acceptable in the future.



  • Merge:  To combine, to make a fusion and form a single entity
  • Scheme: An organised plan or system for doing something
  • Budget: The quantity of money you have ready to spend or use
  • Coverage: Financial protection so that you get money if something bad happens


  • What can you say about health system in Thailand and Mexico ?

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