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For some of us this is the most wonderful time of the year, even more than Christmas. The day of Halloween is a highly expected holiday when you can enjoy lots of candies, terrifying movies, scary costumes and enter into a haunted house for fun.

If you’re planning to scare your neighbors and friends with a haunted house we give you some tips to make an awesome experience for everyone.

Make a plan

First you have to plan a couple of weeks earlier so you can have enough time to get all the material and set up the house. If you plan it in advance you’ll be able to invite more people to enjoy this spooky project with you. For starters, you must think where you’re going to build the haunted house, is it going to be on the garage or in your whole house? And which route will the guests take?

An important point is to know which kind of guests you are having over because if most of the people invited are kids, maybe the tone has to be lighter to avoid making them cry. But if they are only adults, you can run that extra mile making everything terrifying.

Pick a theme

There’re many ways you can decorate your haunted house attraction and it makes it so much better if you add a theme to it. The typical themes are ghosts and serial killers, but there’re some others options and if you still want a serial killer theme, you can focus in the story of one in particular like Michael Myers or Leather Face.

Vampires or zombies can be a good option, you can create a fake coffin with cardboard and take some plastic bats to decorate some parts of the house. If people are going to help you, they can dress up like different type of vampires or pick just one, although it would be better if they’re not from Twilight because that wouldn’t be scary at all.

Another interesting theme is a zombie apocalypse. You can simulate the looks of an abandoned house and take some ideas from The Walking Dead or Resident Evil for instance, and write some caution signs in doors where a zombie is waiting behind. If you are really into science fiction, maybe you would love an alien theme. It might be expensive and probably difficult to accomplish but it would be really awesome. Imagine transforming your house into a spaceship, pretty sweet huh?

To really make your guests run in terror, there are two themes that normally creep people out. The first one is the circus, especially now that the new Stephen King’s remake of “It” has been released. Clowns, though being a symbol of happiness and parties, have always been surrounded with mystery and a creepy air thanks to their outfit and make up. The second theme is an asylum for the insane, you can decorate the space as an old and dirty hospital and make your guests hear screams and crazy laughter from time to time.

Decoration and Atmosphere

Gather all the ideas you have for your theme and make a list to estimate the total cost of everything and discard things according to your budget. You can start decorating a few days before the big day to have everything ready and to anticipate anything that can go wrong or if you get short of material.

The day of the opening, when everything is set, you should do a sound check to adjust the creepy music to an ideal level. You want the music to be heard but if you’re going to scare them with some more screams, the volume shouldn’t be too high. You must adjust the lights as well, they must be dim but not so much to prevent people from falling or tumbling in the darkness and to be able to follow the path you created. You can even give them flashlights to guide them through.

If you want to have a really spooky atmosphere you can buy or rent a fog machine and turn it on at certain times, just be careful not to spend too much time enclosed with no ventilation. Stores offer the option of many types of lights which you can use to create lighting and combine it with thunder sound effects.

At the end you can give away some treats and candies to congratulate the brave ones and to comfort the ones who got really scared. You can even give small prizes if they pass a certain challenge or activity inside the house, like introducing their hand in a mystery box and try to guess what is inside. You can put some rubber snakes or spiders inside or food that feels like human guts. Be creative! The point is to have fun and give a personal touch to your haunted house.

Happy haunting! Muahaha!

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