Spooky Houses around the World

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Haunted houses are really fun attractions to visit if you like to be scared on Halloween season. It’s even more fun to build your own scary house and invite your friends, but how do professionals always nail it?

Let’s examine the unnerving secrets of spooky houses around the world.

Labyrinth of Fear (Japan)

Considered one of the longest and scariest house in the world, this place used to be a hospital but was shut down when staff started stealing patient’s organs. With this unsettling past, the designers of the maze created a new level of horror with dark passages, sealed rooms you have to escape from and unnerving noises.

ScareHouse (United States)

Celebrities such as Elijah Wood or Guillermo del Toro have said that this attraction is one of the best of its kind. It’s located in a 100-year-old building with its own history of being haunted. It has been considered the most terrifying house in the country because of its special effects and the way it gets into your mind.

Lost Souls Valley (Poland)

Feel the fear in this interactive museum in Poland inspired in horror and thriller movies. It’s an unsettling journey where you must find your way through scary rooms. The groups are small, up to 6 people, and you only have a small flashlight to guide your way. It’s a chilling experience that makes you fight against your primal fears.

Nightmares Fear Factory (Canada)

A true nightmarish Canadian experience in only one house. It’s so terrifying that many people prefer to leave or ‘chicken out’, but if you survive the whole attraction you can be one of the few holders of a survivor card. The legend says the place used to be a coffin factory

Loftus Hall (Ireland)

This attraction is entirely different from the rest, it is set on an Irish peninsula and the experience that it offers is real. There are no actors, you walk around with a group of people to investigate the house and try to find evidence of paranormal activity. This attraction begins at 7:30 pm and ends at 2:30 am. An investigation team guides you through the house, but whatever you find… is not make believe. The legend says someone in this house played cards with the devil and the damage he caused when he left in a ball of fire still remains.

If you want new ideas for your next haunted house, we recommend you to visit their webpage and YouTube channel to inspire you for new horror tricks.

Which one would you dare to visit?

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