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Can you imagine being able to travel through space? This will be possible this year and in the near future we might hear of the first crew arriving on planet Mars. History will be forged in the next ten to twenty years and we might turn into an interplanetary species.


According to there will be interesting space events this year. First, on November of this year (2018) a NASA spacecraft without a crew, will land on Mars. This will be one of the first steps towards major projects involving trips to the red planet with and without a crew. It won’t be part of another sci-fi story, finally the human race will visit a new planet. This is the beginning of human bases in mars and the Moon.

The aim is to send a spacecraft by 2022 and to send a human crew after that mission. The final goal is to start to colonize celestial bodies in the next decades. This will also mean a new conflict for exploration just like centuries ago when the conquerors discovered new lands and claimed them for their own nation. However, there’s a 1967 Treaty of the Outer Space which “forbids claiming sovereignty over heavenly bodies”. We’ll just have to wait and see how this matter develops.


Another interesting event is the Google Lunar X Prize, a competition between teams to be the first to land a robotic spacecraft on the Moon with private funding. But not only that, there are several parts of the contest but the grand prize will go to the team who is able to travel 500 meters on the surface and transmit video, pictures and data back to Earth.  Also if the teams achieve their goals by March 31 of this year they will get the Milestone Prize which involves a couple of million dollars.

2018 will be an interesting year for space travel, specially towards the Moon, China and India have set the goal of returning to our natural satellite on this year. And thanks to SpaceX, two tourists will be sent around the Moon before the year ends. Such thing hasn’t happened since 1972, it will be a busy time for our Moon indeed.

Would you like to travel across the stars? Which planet would you like to visit? Set free your imagination and comment your thoughts in the section below.

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