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The snowboarding is a winter sport full of adrenaline and surreal air tricks. It’s a combination between skateboarding, surfing and skiing and involves descending a mountain covered with snow with a snowboard.

It’s considered an Olympic and Paralympic official winter sport since 1998 but it was originated in the United States in the 1960’s. It started as a game for Sherman Poppen’s daughters, this engineer took two skis and tied them together with a rope. The improvised toy become so popular he decided to sell the idea to the Brunswick Corporation.

The board was called first a “snurfer”, the name was given by Poppen’s wife, combining the words snow and surfer. Sometime after, the name “snowboarding” was adopted.

The toy was a total success and by 1966 over half a million units were sold. Sometime later, the creator organized the first competition at a ski resort.  This event gathered many people who began to take this sport seriously and to create their very own company of snowboards.

The first pioneers were not only from the United States, but from Wales and other parts of Europe. In a couple of years it became a true sensation and many competitions arose. It was until 1983 when the first World Championship was held in California. And until 1990 that the International Snowboard Federation was created, then, eight years later, it was considered a part of the Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan.

There are different styles the athletes can choose from to practice this sport, whether it’s recreational or professional the styles are: freeride, freestyle, and freecarve or freerace. On the other hand, the alpine snowboarding is the discipline practiced in the Olympic events. On the first styles, the pistes can be natural, but for official events they must be groomed.

This sport was such a hit back at the end of the 1990’s that several movies and videogames were produced with this theme.

Would you practice this fearless sport? Tell us if you do and which your favorite winter sport is in the comment section below.

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