Singapore Char Kuay Teow

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Coming  to  Singapore´s  fried  Kway   Teow,  Hill  Street  Chair   Kway  Teow  is   often  the  first  name   to  pop  up  in people´s  mind.  This  food  stall  made   its  fame  since   it  was  located  at  Hall  Street.  These  day,   we  can  find  this   over  40-year-old  fried   kway  teow  stall  at  Bedok   South  Road  Market&Food  Center.


Some  of  the  typical   ingredients  that  make   this  delicious  plate   of  “Heart  Attack”  are:  Fish  Cake,   Bean  Sprouts,   Fresh  Cockles,   Eggs,  Dark  Soy  Sauce,  Sweet  Sauce,   Chinese  Sausages  and  Spring  Onions.

However,   there´s  also  version   of  Char  Kway  Teow,  reigning  from  the  lands   of  Malasya.  Their  variation  isn´t  as  sweet  or  as  heavily   flavoured  as  the   Singaporean  one,  producing  a  cleaner  flavor   that  even  a  quite  number  of  locals   ´refer.


The  term  CHAR  KWAY  TEOW   is  a  transliteration   of   the  Chinese  Characters  炒粿條.  The  word  KOÉ-TIAU   means  “ricecake   strips” generally  refers  to  flat  rice  noodles  which  are  the  usual  ingredients   in  West  Malasya  and  Singapore.  In  East  Malasya,   on  the  hand,   actual  sliced   ricecake  strips   are  used  to  make  this  dish.



  • Pop up: To appear or happen unexpectedly.
  • Stall: A small shop with an open front from which goods are sold in a public place
  • Cockle: A small round sea creature with a shell.
  • Reigning: Being the most recent winner in a competition.
  • Sliced: Cut into thin flat pieces.


Preparing  a  recipe  is  a  funny  and  interesting  way  to  get  new  vocabulary   due  the  fact  that  we  talk  about  ingredients   and  vocabulary  related  to  the  preparation.  Have  fun  trying  to  prepare  this  delicious  recipe!


  • Have   you  ever  eaten  traditional  food  from  Singapore?

Session 5

Welcome to this activity created by Junior Advisor Ms. Xochitl Alinne Reyna Cruz from Satelite Branch. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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