Shivering Songs Part 2

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Music gives life to motion pictures and plays an important in creating the atmosphere on the screen. In the case of horror movies, it helps to set a spooky mood and to prepare you for jump scares. Some of these songs can make you tremble with just remembering the movie they came from.

Let’s hear the second part of some of the most iconic horror songs which can make us shiver with only the first few notes:


Two notes and you know which movie we’re talking about. From the legendary composer John Williams, we got this song filled with suspense. Williams has created some of the most famous themes in film history and just to give you a glimpse of his work, he created the themes for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Superman, among many others.

The theme is ranked the 6th Greatest American Movie Score of all time by The American Film Institute –the Star Wars theme holds the first place and it was also composed by Williams- and in 1975 won the Academy Award for Best Original Dramatic Score. The song is suspense in its purest state and combined with the motion picture it creates tension and chills at the idea of a big white shark approaching.

The score has a particular tuba sound, to make it more threating and the distinctive strings which play slowly and soft, but when danger gets near the music rises and the speed increases. Williams has described his own work as an unstoppable shark coming to get you.

Dead Silence

Is another film by The Conjuring director’s, James Wan and was written by Leigh Whannellm, both creators of Saw. On this occasion, we let the creators scare us with an unnerving story of ventriloquist dolls coming to life with gory intentions.

The music is a perfect example of an unsettling melody in a horror movie. The theme by Charlie Clouser, begins with a sad tune performed with bells from an old music box. This music which reminds us of an innocent children’s game, turns to a melody with a piano as the main instrument. The wind instruments give a new air to the melody and they’re accompanied with strings and terrifying voices singing.

This two particular themes are now iconic not only for horror films but for cinema in general. They are really memorable and every time you hear it you can remember the whole movie in a second, combined with the tension and fear you felt.

Which theme gave you nightmares?  Or did we miss another theme you know?

Feel free to tell us in the comment section below.

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