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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Everyone was excited that Christmas was just around the corner. Everyone except the micer, Mr. Scrooge.
Mr Scrooge: What is the point of Christmas anyway? Money is the most important thing to me.
But then, when it was Christmas eve…
Mr Scrooge: Who’s there?
Ghost #1: Hello! I’m the Ghost of Christmas Past. I am here to show you something important, Scrooge. Follow me and you will see.
So the ghost took Scrooge to the time that he was very little. By the time they were there, the ghost pointed little Scrooge reading a book alone. His parents left him in an orphanage. When old Scrooge saw himself alone, he said:
Mr. Scrooge: Every Christmas I’ve been alone. I can’t  take this, please make it stop!!!
Everything went away just as Scrooge yelled. When suddenly and without warning, there was this…
Ghost #2: Hello Scrooge!! I’m the Ghost of Christmas Present. I’ve come to show the happiness of Christmas. Hold on tight!!!!
Scrooge and the ghost arrived at a poor family’s house. There was no special meal on the table, but everybody looked very happy.
Mr. Scrooge: How come the look too happy if they are poor??!!
Mr. Scrooge: That’s because it’s Christmas!! Ha ha ha ha…
So the ghost took Scrooge back to his house, but just after they returned a black shadow entered through the window.
Mr. Scrooge: Oh Gosh!!!! Who are you????
Ghost #3: I am the Ghost of Christmas Future!!! I order you to come with me!!
Mr. Scrooge: No, not again!!
The ghost took Scrooge to a graveyard , and they arrived at a funeral.
Man #1: I knew it. I knew this would happen.
Woman: What’s the use of having so much money anyway??
Man #2: No one is coming to pay respects to the stingy Scrooge.
Mr. Scrooge: How come no one is coming out to my funeral to weep for me??
Ghost #3: You perfectly know why. You care about no one, except yourself.
Mr. Scrooge: No! This can’t be!! Please, give me a chance to change my future.
And Christmas morning had finally arrived!!!
Mr. Scrooge: I’m alive!!! I’m alive!! From now on, I’m going to help people and care for them!!! Merry Christmas everybody, and may the spirit of Christmas lives in your hearts forever!!  Okay everyone, tonight there will be a big feast in my house with beautiful presents for all!!!

That night everyone went to the greatest Christmas party, and since then Scrooge has become the most loved man in town.



  • Orphanage: A home for children whose parents are dead or unable to care for them.
  • Graveyard: A place, often next to a church, where dead people are buried.
  • Stingy: Unwilling to spend money; small in amount.
  • Weep: To cry tears.


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  • How important do you consider Christmas time?? Do you agree with the lesson that Mr Scrooge learned? Why?

Welcome to this activity created by Junior Advisor Mr. Gabriel Ruiz Rodríguez from Coapa Branch. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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