Sawako Ariyoshi (Japan)

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Ariyoshi Sawako, (born Jan. 21st, 1931, Wakayama City, Japan—died Aug. 30th, 1984, Tokyo), Japanese novelist, short-story writer, and playwright who reached a popular audience with serialized novels of social realism that chronicled domestic life in Japan.

After graduation Ariyoshi started working in a publishing company, she contributed to literary journals and began publishing short stories. Her early works were about the role of the artist in society and according to Wikipedia The doctor’s wife is considered her best novel, it is her third novel.

The doctor’s wife is an historical novel based on the life of the famous Japanese doctor Hanaoka Seishu. The doctor’s wife is Kae, a young woman from a wealthy family, who is seduced to become Seishu’s bride by his ambitious mother Otsugi, a woman married from a wealthy into a poorer family.  The novel then talks about Kae’s life in this extended family house as Seishu develops his medical skill and training until, near the end, he performs the world’s first surgery under anaesthetic. While the novel mentions Seishu’s development as a doctor the real plot is about the relationship between Kae and Otsugi.




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  • What kind of stories do you like to read? Drama, horror, fantasy, novels, thriller, psychological, realistic ones?

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  1. I choose the reading section because I think it’s important to learn about the intelectual people from Asia and I like to get to know more about them and what they thought.

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