Santa Baby (Michael Buble Version)

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Welcome to this activity created by Jr. Learning Advisor Mr. Juan Manuel Loya from Narvarte Branch. Please follow the instructions below and everytime you see a pink letter, place the cursor to see the meaning of that word.

  • First, listen to the song «Santa Baby» by Michael Bublé and read the lyrics on the screen.
  • Once you have understood the meaning, look at the most wanted gifts and read the text from USA Today about the impact of gift waste.


«Americans will spend about $967 on average this holiday season, putting the country on track to spend more than $678.8 billion in total, according to an annual on average this holiday season, putting the country survey conducted by the National on average this holiday season, putting the country Retail Federation. A 2016 ING study found that 70% of Americans feel that Christmas is too focused on spending, yet we’re expected to spend even more this year. In fact, Americans waste $9.5 billion, or $71 per person, on unwanted gifts each year, according to a study from If an unwanted gift can’t be returned, it might end up collecting dust in a closet or —worse — thrown in a landfill.

During the holiday season, Americans produce 25% more household waste, or about 1 million extra tons, according to the EPA. » – USA Today


«The holiday season not only puts a dent in your wallet, but it can also be a serious source of stress.

A study by eBay found that holiday shopping can be as stressful as running a marathon. Shoppers in London were fatigued by the 32-minute mark and their heart rates increased 33% during the experiment.» – USA Today

Read full text here.


  1. Do you want any gift from the most wanted presents? Yes/No, Why?
  2. Why is it so important to give Christmas Presents?
  3. Do you think everyone wishes for the same type of presents? Yes/No. Which factors could affect someone’s Christmas wishes?
  4. Should Christmas traditions change?
  5. What could you do in order to lower the Christmas consumerism rates?


  • According to most Americans, how do they feel Christmas is like?
  • What happens to unwanted gifts?
  • Why does household waste increases during the holiday season?
  • What could be an effect of the holiday season?
  • Why did the heart rate increased on the shoppers from London?


Learning Tip! 


If you struggle focusing and thinking in English, try generating common situations where you surround yourself with the language, when you are walking on the street try mentally describing what you are doing in English, at your office or house, try naming the things surrounding you with their english name.

If your outside starts turning into english, your “inside” will turn into the same.

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