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In Korea Samsung has hospitals, hotels and cities. It works for education, for defense and even for the aerospace sector. Samsung has become an everything and started exporting vegetables. In 1938 Lee Byung-chul created an export company and called it Samsung (in Korean it means three stars, hence its initial logo). Initially, his company was mainly engaged in commercial export, in little more than a decade, Samsung would have its own flour mills, its own garment machines and its own manufacturing and sales establishments.

The rice plant did not give him much money at first, so in 1938 he opened a truck transport company in Daegu, which he called Samsung Trading and had the initial three stars of Samsung in his logo and this investment boosted the company. In this period Samsung founded and bought companies of all kinds, from the insurer Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in October 1993, to the foundation of Samsung Everland, it also has an amusement park.

From here everything was growing for Samsung. They began to make microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioning. Since the founding of Samsung Aerospace Industries (now, Samsung Techwin) in February 1987, Samsung has been developing its capabilities in the aerospace sector at an unprecedented speed.




The context is 80% informative and 20% business management, so you should read carefully and frame the words that you don’t understand to practice the statements.


  • How was Samsung developed?

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