Japanese Rice & Vegetable Bites

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Asian Cuisine includes several regional cuisines, the common ingredients that they use are rice, ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, chilies, dried onions, soy, and tofu.

Let´s talk about the rice, this seed is very common in Asia, it´s the third highest worldwide production, also is the most important grain with regard to human nutrition and caloric intake, rice can be grown practically anywhere, even on a steep hill or mountain area with the use of water controlling terrace systems. Although its parent species are native from Asia.

East Asian cuisine includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian and Taiwanese food. Considering this is the most populated region of the world, it has many regional cuisines that use rice, noodles, mung beans, soy beans and tea in their different kinds of dishes.

Now we need to talk about rice and vegetable bites, this were created based in “Onigiri” that are on Japanese rice balls, that are made from white rice formed into triangular or cylindrical shapes and often wrapped in nori. Traditionally, an onigiri is filled with salted salmon or any other salty or sour ingredient as a natural preservative.

The difference between them is that rice and vegetables bites are made with fried rice with seasoned with soy sauce and you can prepare them with vegetables or any other ingredient like pork meat, chicken, seafood, etc.


  • 1cup of sushi rice(180g)
  • 1 1⁄2cups of water(350ml)
  • 1cup of leftover cooked vegetables, chopped into very small pieces (carrots and mushrooms)(130g)
  • 1⁄2cup of cooked fish (sole, cod or salmon), flaked into small pieces(65g)
  • 1 scallion, green and white part, minced
  • 1⁄2teaspoon of salt (3g)
  • Rinse sushi rice under room temperature water until water runs clear.
  • Place rice and water in sauce pan and soak for 30 minutes.
  • Place cover on pan and turn heat to medium. Remove pan from heat. Leave cover on pan and let rice rest for 10 minutes.
  • Remove cover and fluff rice with fork. Place rice in a clean mixing bowl.
  • Add leftover vegetables and fish, season with salt and gently mix together.
  • Moisten hands lightly in bowl of room temperature water (this will prevent rice from sticking to your hands). While mixture is warm, take 2 tablespoons of rice and vegetable mixture and roll into balls. Make sure rice and filling ingredients are not too wet or mixture will fall apart.
  • Place rice balls onto clean plate.
  • Serve rice balls as is, or sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds or seaweed, or wrap a small piece of Nori sea weed around each piece before serving.


  • Worldwide: Extended throughout or involving the entire world.
  • Terrace: A relatively level paved or planted area adjoining.
  • Nori: Also called seaweed, a plant growing in the sea.
  • Season: To add salt, sugar, sauces etc.


  • Which is your favorite Asian dish?

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