Record Your Christmas Moment II

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From a technical standpoint, here are some common elements that you can apply to video captured on your phone.

Composition: To create compelling video, compose the elements in a scene or sequence deliberately.
Lighting: Light not only defines your subjects but also sets the mood or evokes emotion.
Point of view: Ask yourself “Where am I pointing my camera lens and from what angle?” Consider point of view figuratively, how will the video’s point of view help me tell the story?. Before taking video on your phone, set it up properly. One important setting is video resolution, which refers to how large your movie will be. Two common resolutions are 1080 HD and 4K, which is the larger of the two.
Clean Your Lens: Make sure your lens is clear. If it’s not, carefully clean it with a microfiber cloth.
Use both hands: Always have two hands on the phone, It may seem rudimentary, but it makes a big difference
Orientation: Be sure to orient your phone horizontally.
Avoid Back Lighting: Avoid having a window or light source behind your subject, Instead, have the light source more to the side of you or behind you.




Make sure to practice all the vocabulary you get in activities and Work outs to improve your fluency.


  • What kind of videos do you want to do this Christmas?

Welcome to this activity created by Regional Leader Mr. Francisco Tejeda from Polanco Branch. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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