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The  Key  to  attracting High  Playing  Clients   is  developing your  Intellectual  Firepower,  creating   a  vast  body  of  provocative  though  leadership  and  intellectual   property,   and showcasing  your  expertise  through  a  repository   for  your  body  of  work.


A  body  of  work  is  an  assembly  of  your  intellectual  capital,   and  that  can  come  in  a  diverse range  of  formats  such  as  videos,  presentations,  white  papers,  live  work,   and  articles,  it´s  a  presentation  of  your  intellectual  capital- provocative  content   and  thought  leadership  sharing  expertise  that is  uniquely  yours.

The  fact  is  that  having a  body  of  work,  an assembly  of  your  intellectual  capital,  is  the  most  effective  way   to  clearly  establish  yourself   as  the  ultimate  authority   in  your  niche,   and  consequently   is  an  excellent  strategy   for  attracting High  Paying   clients  to  engage   in  a  relationship   with  you  and  benefit   from  the  value  you  offer.



  • Expertise: A high level of knowledge.
  • Repository: A person who has, or a book contains, a lot of information or detailed knowledge.
  • Showcasing:  To show the best qualities or parts of something.
  • Niche: A job or position that is very suitable for someone.


Try  to  come  up  with some  ideas  to  develop  the  “Intellectual Firepower!


  • What  is  the first  word  that  pops  into  your  mind  when  listen “Intellectual  Firepower»?

Session 4

Welcome to this activity created by Team Leader in Charge Mr. Juan Guadalupe Vaca Pérez from Satelite Branch. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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