Punctuation Marks

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In the written language, we usually use the so called punctuation marks, which are symbols used to give clarity and comprehension to a text.

There are several types of punctuation marks, some used for giving pauses and clarify ideas, other to give emphasis or emotion to the text. The most common punctuation marks are:

  • Apostrophe: used to make contractions or to show possession. (‘)
  • Colon: used before a list or quote. (:)
  • Comma: Used to separate phrases or items in a sentence/list. (,)
  • Dash: used to separate parts of a sentence. (-)
  • Ellipsis: Indicates that part of a text has been left out on purpose. (…)
  • Exclamation point: Used to give excitement to an idea. (!)
  • Parentheses: Are curved lines used to separate explanation or qualifying statements within a sentence. ( )
  • Period: Used to note the end of an idea. (.)
  • Question mark: Is used at the end of a question in order to interrogate. (?)
  • Quotation mark: Used at the beginning and at the end of an idea to show that it is being expressed as it was originally said/written. (“”)
  • Semicolon: Used to separate two independent clauses in a compound sentence. (;)

These are the most used punctuation marks in the common language, there are several more, but for now, focus and learn how to use these ones.



  • Clarity: The quality of being clear and easy to understand.
  • Emphasis: A particular prominence given in reading or speaking to one or more words or syllables.
  • Quote: To repeat or copy what someone said or wrote, crediting that person.
  • Within: Used as a function word to indicate situation or circumstance in the limits of.
  • Clause: A group of words containing a subject and predicate and functioning as a member of a complex (a complete structure within another structure, in order to complement that structure.)


Whenever you want to write or to express a text, the most important thing is to give or represent correctly the punctuation marks in order to give the appropriate context and idea of this message, so I recommend you to understand and memorize the importance of the main punctuation marks, with these tip you won’t have many problems using and expressing these marks.


  • Give 3 reasons why punctuation marks are so important.

Welcome to this activity created by Team Leader in charge Joseline Michelle Alpizar Pàez from Santa Fe Branch. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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