Preparing your Christmas Dinner with Different Budgets

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The importance of preparing your Christmas dinner with time is that you can get many ideas from a lot of recipes and this way you can offer your guests a variety of dishes, considering the number of guests that you will be hosting and their preferences for food, making sure at the same time that there will be enough food for everyone and that there will not be a lot of leftovers that can be going to waste.

A very important factor in the planning of your Christmas dinner is your budget. Considering that prices increase during these festivities, ordering your ingredient list and making sure that nothing is missing is one of the things that will help you reduce time in your preparation as well as costs.

It would be perfect if you could offer your guests two or three options of main dishes including a vegetarian dish in your menu so that people have options of food according to their preferences and diets. You should offer salad as the first dish and different options to garnish the main dish with. It would be wonderful to offer fruit as an option for dessert and try to avoid sweetened beverages, considering that there is great amount of sugar hidden in these beverages and in alcohol, which is very common in these festivities.

One of the benefits of cooking and planning Christmas dinner is that it is a way in which families come together even before the actual Christmas Eve dinner, which is why it is a very great deal and a lovely time to cherish with your loved ones.


  • Garnish: To add decorative or savory touches to food and drink.
  • Cherish: Protect and care for someone dear or something lovingly.
  • Sweetened beverages: A liquid with added sugar destined for drinking.
  • Budget: An estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time.


Discuss the preparation and planning of your Christmas dinner in English, so that you can practice and get to know culinary words and ingredients in English.


  • What is/are your favorite dish(es) for Christmas Dinner?

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