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“It is a big and beautiful world. Most of us live and die in the same corner where we were born and never get to see any of it. I don’t want to be most of us.” –Oberyn Martell

Our planet Earth is an extraordinary place in the universe and it’s the only planet of our solar system able to sustain life. Every corner of our home planet is full of breathtaking wonders and it’s a shame some of them aren’t well known or visited. That’s why we present you these amazing places located in different places of the globe to inspire you to travel.

We ‘ll start with a fairy-tale place in the far east, the Kawachi Fujien Wisteria Garden, a pastel colored collection of trees filled with wisteria flowers. A place to walk through tunnels made of flowers in the spring and celebrate life that is reborn after every winter.

Canada has many beautiful spots to mesmerize your senses with the northern lights, also known as aurora borealis. Canada is an amazing place to catch a glimpse of this celestial show due to its location and low sky pollution.

The Uyuni Salt Flats hold the biggest mirror in the world. It’s located in southwest Bolivia near the Andes and it’s a natural scene that took between 25,000 and 40,000 years of formation. It’s a magnificent place where we find 90% of the planet’s lithium.

The Bahamas are a paradisiacal spot to relax on their white sand beaches and its turquoise water. It’s an amazing place for scuba diving and to treat yourself in the diverse luxurious accommodations on the islands. It is ranked one of the top places to spend a family summer vacation.

Finally, an attraction not far from us is the Huasteca Potosina, another of the many natural wonders we can enjoy in Mexico. It has countless green landscapes, waterfalls, unique architecture and it’s a perfect place for ecotourism. You can have an adventure on a kayak or jump off of a waterfall.

Prepare to enjoy the details of each of these extraordinary places and practice your language skills with our special activities.


  • Wisteria: A climbing plant with groups of small purple, blue or white flowers hanging from it.
  • Glimpse: A look at something for a very short time.
  • Paradisiacal: A place or state ideal or heavenly.
  • Ecotourism: The business of organizing vacation to places of natural beauty.


Write a list with the places you would like to visit around the world and explain why you chose them.


  • Which place would you like to visit from this list? Why?

Welcome to this activity. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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