Philippine Chicken & Vegetables in Coconut Milk

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Ginataang Manol is a Filipine  style coconut chicken curry flavored  with  fresh ginger  and  other  spices. Filipino  chicken  curry is a  little  different  compared   to  our  Asian  neighbors.  Technically   it  doesn´t  really  use   a  curry  powder  mix  but  simply  rely  on  ginger,  perhaps  some  turmeric   for  flavor. Bell  peppers  are  incorporated   for  flavor  and  color,  but  if  people  want  to  make  it  more  traditionally,  they  can  use  green unripe papaya instead  of  sweet   potatoes  or  sweet  peppers. Now,  let´s  talk  about  some  interesting  facts  about  the Philippine  cuisine:

  1. Sweet  and  Sour  Flavor   Profile  in  Filipino  Cuisine.
  2. Pork  dominates  the  Filipino  cuisine.
  3. No  knives,   just  a  spoon or  fork  to  enjoy  in  the   Philippines.
  4. Everything  at  once,  no  course  menus.
  5. Dinning  takes  place  in  the  malls.
  6. Filipino  cuisine  wouldn´t  be  complete   without  merienda.
  7. No  culture of  lingering  over meals.
  8. Food  in  the  Philippines   isn´t  vegetarian  friendly.
  9. Food  in  the  Philippines  is  influenced  by  multiple  cultures.

At  the  end  of  the  day,  we  can  say  that  the food  from  the  Philippines  is  full  of  contrasts.  People  will  also  discover  that  the  quality  of  the  food   depends  a  lot  on  the  cook. Today  the  Filipino  cuisine   continues  to  evolve   based  on  Western  and  American   influences.



  • Ginger: The spicy root of a tropical plant.
  • Turmeric:  A bright, yellow, aromatic powder obtained of a plant of the ginger family.
  • Unripe: Immature, not fully developed.
  • Pepper: A vegetable that is usually green, red, or yellow. Has a rounded shape, and is hollow with seeds in the middle.


Prepare easy Philippine dishes from an recipe in English.


  • Have you eaten a dish like this?

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Welcome to this activity created by Junior Advisor Ms. Maria José Elizalde Davila and Learning Advisor Ms. Xochitl Alinne Reyna Cruz from Satelite Branch. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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