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It’s hard to avoid conflict entirely, both in the workplace and elsewhere in life. It’s human nature to disagree. Poor communication or interpersonal tension can easily cause simple disagreements.

Conflict management skills revolve around making sure everyone feels heard and respected while negotiating a mutually beneficial solution that everyone involved can accept.

Some skills that we can take in account to manage conflicts are:

Communication Skills
Much unnecessary conflict can be avoided simply with clear, accurate written and verbal communication. Simply being a good listener can be enough to inspire trust and resolve hurt feelings.

Emotional Intelligence
Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand one’s own feelings and those of others, and to handle those feelings well. People who have high emotional intelligence are good at identifying and meeting the needs of others while taking responsibility for their own needs and feelings.

Empathy means feeling what others feel. The ability to see a situation from someone else’s viewpoint, to understand their needs, motivations, and possible misunderstandings, is critical to effective conflict management.

Creative Problem Solving
Conflict often happens because no one can come up with a workable solution, so resolving the conflict depends on creating a solution.

Let’s see a video about how to deal with a conflict.




Try to identify a real problem and the best solution for it without hurting others.


  • How good are you at solving conflicts?

Welcome to this activity created by Learning Advisor Ms. Monserrat Ramirez Bolaños from Coapa Branch. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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