Online Entertainment vs. TV Broadcasts

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The Internet and the new technologies have taken over our entertainment habits. The television as we know it has changed, millennials look at it as a gadget to enjoy streaming apps or videogames but they stopped watching the traditional TV format. Let’s review how online entertainment has replaced TV.


Since 2005, YouTube has become the favorite video streaming platform of many. Now it’s a place where you can find an impressive amount of content. From movies, web series, trailers, news and of course video blogs. Who would have thought that uploading random videos would make you famous?

Video bloggers nowadays earn thousands of dollars a month for uploading funny videos, tutorials, reviews or talking about their daily lives. There is so much to see on this platform that young audiences prefer to watch this big variety of entertainment rather than the traditional TV.


The Internet streaming apps are taking over of all the screens. The audience prefers an On Demand experience rather than a linear TV. This gives flexibility on time and place, instead of watching a TV show at home at a specific hour, now you can watch it on your lunch time at work and you only need an internet connection.

TV Networks now offer an app to provide their content on demand, people are still consuming their content but in a different way. TV series have changed not only in their format but the techniques and the themes they focus on. The quality of TV series nowadays is similar or even better than the top grossing Hollywood films.

On the other hand, social media such as Twitter and Facebook have become another type of entertainment. Here we can find news, videos and of course memes. With so much to see it’s not difficult to understand why TV ratings are so low.

What do you think about these changes? Which platform do you commonly use? Tell us in the comment section!

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