NTT DATA Communications Systems Corporation-Japan

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NTT DATA is a Japanese company, whose main focus is to provide global IT services and solutions, specializing in consulting, system development and business IT (Information Technology) outsourcing. Although its origin dates back to 1967, it was not until 1988, that it separated itself from NTT (which at the time was Japan’s Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation).

Nowadays, it has over 110,000 employees in more than 50 countries and during the second semester of 2017, it was recognized at #5 on the IDC (International Data Corporation) Financial Insights according to FinTech Weekly (a news service that follows the most important developments in the business of Financial Technology).

It is recognized as one of the largest global enterprise technology companies and has traditionally been in the public and financial segments. However, despite all its recognition, NTT DATA still has a long path to follow in order to continue expanding its horizons, which is why the company is currently working on a basic policy called NTT DATA: ASCEND (Rise and grow as a global brand).



  • Outsourcing: Is a business practice used by companies to reduce costs or improve efficiency
  • Nowadays: Adverb use to express something that takes place at the present time.
  • Path: A set of actions that lead to a result or goal.


Is very important to respect everyone’s opinions whether you agree or disagree with them. If you disagree, then give good arguments of your disagreements.


  • Why is this company relevant to society nowadays?

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