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The Godfather shows how an orphaned Sicilian immigrant rises to the top of organized crime in America and how his son, who at first shuns his father’s world, comes to embrace his father’s way of life. Father and son overcome ethnic prejudice and economic disadvantages by learning to profit from the good and evil aspects of human nature.

The movie begins on the day of the wedding of the Don’s daughter Connie to Carlo Rizzi. The Don is at the height of his power, which he uses to benefit his friends. He orders revenge on men who beat his undertaker’s daughter but whom a corrupt judge set free on suspended sentences; he arranges for Congress to grant citizenship to a prisoner of war so he may marry the daughter of his baker; and he obtains a starring role for his godson by making a movie producer “an offer he can’t refuse”: The Don is approached by Virgil Sollozzo, who needs financing and political protection for his heroin smuggling. The Don’s ethics do not allow him to trade in drugs or prostitution, so he refuses the deal. Sonny, though, rashly lets Sollozzo’s compatriots know that he favors the deal, and rival crime families attempt to assassinate the Don. He is hit by five bullets and barely survives.

Just when the Corleone family seems leaderless, Michael (The Don´s youngest son) finds his destiny. He discovers that police protecting his father have been ordered away from his hospital room. Michael bravely foils a second attempt on the Don’s life. And this is how he gets involved in organized crime.



  • Orphaned : A child/person without mother nor father
  • Revenge: To take vengeance o punishment in behalf of a previous action
  • Refuses: To deny or decline any offer
  • Leaderless: Lack or missing leadership, either a person or a group


A fun way to improve your fluency is following dialogs of your favorite movies or series. You can do it with subtitles at the beginning and later without them. This way you can use your hobbies to learn a language.


  • Have you watched The Godfather? If so, what is your opinion about it?

Welcome to this activity created by Learning Advisor Mr. Enrique Fernando Pérez Calderón from Reforma Branch. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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