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Rock is a business like any other, and musicians are businessmen, and what goes on behind the scenes isn’t always pretty. “Rock Star» is a movie about a copy machine repairman who becomes the lead singer in a famous heavy metal band, and somehow with that premise it should be more fun than it is.

A Pittsburgh office supplies salesman who sings in the church choir, loves and is loved by his parents and a loyal girlfriend, and leads a local tribute band named Blood Pollution. He idolizes the band Steel Dragon, and insists that his band do only their songs, and only in the exact way they perform them, eventually his fanaticism makes him such a nuisance that his own band fires him

Miraculously, the lead singer of Steel Dragon is in the process of being kicked out, and the band sees one of Izzy’s tapes and hires him as a replacement singer. The best parts of the movie are the early ones, as Izzy fights with his band, stands by his dream, and is supported by his girlfriend Emily.

The members of Steel Dragon are revealed, behind the scenes, to be cynical professionals who casually boot out Bobby Beers, see a tape of Izzy performing, fly him to L.A. for an audition, and hire him. Izzy brings Emily along



  • Businessman: Negotiator. A person who does business.
  • Loyal: Honest, a person who dosen’t think about himself.
  • Fanaticism: When you are really interested in something, fan.
  • Kicked out: Expelled, when someone doesn’t want you around.


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