Moscow Metro

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It is impossible to imagine Moscow without a metro system today. The Moscow Metro could almost be called an underground city with its own rules, rhythms and landmarks. It functions as a separate organism, but is, no matter what, an irreplaceable part of the city.

The Moscow metro is one of the most extensive and heavily traveled subway systems in the world, transporting about 9 million people around the city each day. But it also serves as a sort of museum of Russian history. Opened in 1935, the marble walls, high ceilings, stained glass, mosaics and chandeliers were a testament to the values of Joseph Stalin and his Communist party.

Tourists came from across the Soviet Union, even the world, to see its wonders. In time of war it saved them from German bombs; in finer times, it served young people as a place to meet and fall in love. Although none of these things were mentioned in the original plans, they did great credit to the party that built the subway.



  • Rhythm: Movement or procedure with uniform or patterned recurrence of a beat, accent, or the like.
  • Sort: A type of something.
  • Stain: A dirty mark on something that is difficult to remove.


Try to make a tour guide for a foreign friend about Mexico´s subway.


  • Which mean of transportation you prefer?

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