Mexican composers: Armando Manzanero

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Armando Manzanero is a famous Mexican composer, musician and singer. With a Mayan ancestry, Armando was born in Ticul, Yucatán on 1935 and he has been one of the most successful composers in Latin America.

Probably you have heard many of his songs and maybe you weren’t aware of some others. The latter due to the enormous group of artists that have had performed them. But one thing is for sure, if you’ve ever been in love or you are right now, you will enjoy the beautiful compositions of this great artist.

He entered into the world of music at a very young age. First, his father was one of the founder musicians of the Yucalpetén Orchestra. Afterwards, at the age of eight he joined the Fine Arts School of his hometown.

With only fifteen years of age, Armando wrote his first melody ‘Nunca en el mundo’ (Never in the world). The piano turned into his passion and friend in the making of hundreds of songs throughout his life.  At the age of sixteen he was a professional pianist and even worked in a circus as part of a small orchestra!

There was a period in which Armando was an extremely busy man, he had three different jobs.  He was working as a promoter in the musical editorial EMMI, he did arrangements for diverse artists and late at night he would play his music on stage.

In this crazy period he came up with the idea of one of the most famous songs of his repertoire “Esta tarde vi llover” (Yesterday I heard the rain). He got paid from all the jobs he had and he wanted to celebrate with his wife, but unfortunately she was already at the cinema with his kids. He tried to call other friends and even his mother but everybody was busy already. So that afternoon, eating at a café, he watched the rain fall and he couldn’t help feeling lonely. Nevertheless, this feeling gave life to a wonderful song.

That is only one example of the more than 500 hundred songs Manzanero has and approximately about 50 songs are of international recognition. In addition to that, his songs have been translated in several languages like Mayan, Japanese, English, German, French, Portuguese and even Russian.

A great number of famous artists have performed his immortal songs. In the 1960’s for instance he had a beautiful working relationship with Angélica María, who started to excel as a singer and actress. Angélica was so popular she was able to demand the movie producers to introduce the music of Manzanero in the movie or she wouldn’t work with them. And of course, they did.

Other famous artists that have performed his songs are: Juan Gabriel, Frank Sinatra, Andrea Bocelli, Elvis Presley, Luis Miguel, Raphael, Christina Aguilera, Dionne Warwick, José José, Angélica María, Lucero, Cristian Castro, Il Divo, Perry Como and many others.

Without any doubt, Manzanero’s songs are extremely romantic and beautiful and their lyrics and melodies will never die.

Have you ever dedicated one of his songs to someone especial?

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  1. I born at mexico city, my youngest years was armando manzanero music is a great composer and I hope when he leaving it world,the young and old people, remember forever his music, God bless all the good music.

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