Metallica vs Guns N’ roses

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The battle between Hard Rock and Thrash Metal that started  30 years ago is still a rough topic to debate.  The importance of both bands is really crucial for the history of rock music. Rock fans often consider the outstanding members from the line ups as gods or indisputable legends.

During many conversations and debates, the skills and virtuosity of the guitarists Slash and Kirk Hammett are taken as arguments. As well as the charisma and vocal abilities of Axl Rose and James Hetfield. Both bands started touring around the middle 80’s and both bands established themselves in Los Angeles as well. With songs and singles such as  “ Nothing Else Matters “  or “ Sweet Child O Mine”  Metallica and Guns N roses  dominated the billboard lists and became some of the most popular and famous bands in USA and consequently part of the general culture in  the whole world.

The Albums “ Appetite for Destruction” and  “Master of Puppets” are continuously cited as some of the most relevant compilations of songs of that decade. Most of musicians today, mainly guitarists, mention Metallica and Guns N Roses as big influences in their musical formation. Is very common to listen a song of them in a bar jam or small concerts.


  • Rough: Complicated or hard.
  • Skills: The knowledge or ability to do something well.
  • Compilation: putting together songs or recordings
  • Jam:  the act of musicians performing in a short period of time


Remember, if you want to improve your listening, choose a song from any of the groups and search the lyrics .


  • Which is the best band and why?

Session 6

Welcome to this activity created by Junior Advisor Ms. Adrián Guillén Ibarra from Satelite Branch. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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