Masterpieces: Pink Floyd-The Dark Side of the Moon

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What distinguished Pink Floyd the most was their progressive and psychedelic music. They were an English band formed in London in 1965. Even if they had a lot of success and are considered one of the most influential groups in popular history, two of the members, Richard Wright and Roger Waters left the band in 1979 and 1985 respectively. They played together, after years of enmity, at the Live 8 awareness event, but had no further plans of reuniting the band.

Roger Waters was the genius behind the concepts of many of the band’s albums, including The Dark Side of the Moon, which is one of the best-selling albums of all time. Its original concept was to be about the pressures and stresses of modern life, such as, the fear of dying, the seduction of money, and mental unbalance which often led to madness. “Speak to Me” was designed as an overture piece and it gives people a sense of what they need to expect from the other songs.

This album was premiered in the London Planetarium, a very obvious place to hold the premiere, of course! At the time, it was an incredibly novel idea to listen to a rock album in a dome-ceilinged theater under fake stars, but The Dark Side of the Moon laser light shows has ruled late-night planetarium shows for decades!




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