Logic Smart: Detective Novels II

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The crime genre is now more popular than ever before; its success is not only because of fantastic writers who have crafted intricate stories, but also for its wide variety of subgenres: from classics such as Sherlock Holmes to the booming true crime sector, such as Truman Capote.

Now then, here are several advantages for reading detective novels:

  • The best crime novels give your brain a serious workout.
  • The social side of reading: as any other genre, detective novels give you the chance to gather in a group and swap a lot of books and authors.
  • The best detective novels are beautifully written.
  • The best crime fiction novels win awards.
  • Reading cuts stress and improves your mood.
  • Crime books reveals how to cope with hair raising situations.
  • Reading makes you seem sexier…. Especially to women!
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    • Intricate: Very complicated or detailed.
    • Wide: Including a great variety of people or things.
    • Booming: Have a period of great prosperity or rapid growth.
    • Swap: An exchange of stuff or securities.
    • Cope: Deal effectively with something difficult.
    • Seem: To give a certain impression.


    Make sure to understand all the context of your reading, even though you don’t know the meaning, you might get a close definition of that word. I.E.: Before America was found by Cristobal Colon, everybody thought that the Earth was flat. Let’s suppose we don’t know what flat means, so, with the context of the sentence, and with a little bit of general knowledge, we can deduce that flat means “plano”.


    • Which would be the 3 most important features about detective novels that you would recommend in order to dive into this genre?

    Welcome to this activity created by Team Leader in charge Mr. Rodrigo Valdés Uhthoff from Santa Fe Branch. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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