Logic Smart: Brain Teasers II

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Have you ever tried solving a brain teaser? Was it hard?

If you are one of those people who like mental games, you might have thought about doing one of your own; and if so, how do you think it has to be done? Well, here you’ll see one way to create a brain teaser.

Everyone loves a good brain teaser, they are very versatile and it allows people to work together. So, here are five ideas for brainteasers:

  1. Look for vanity license plates (that are appropriate, of course) and have learners decipher the message.
  2. Scramble several words that have something in common (e.g. cars or cities) and write them on a Ask people what they have in common.
  3. Take a series of numbers and put them together to create a patter. Remove one number from the sequence and ask someone to tell you the missing number.
  4. Pick a few well-known candy bars, list short phrases about them on a flipchart, and ask participants to tell you what candy bars the phrases are describing.
  5. Pick a well-known celebrity or sports figure on a flipchart list key words that represent that person and ask your friends to identify the celerity.


  • Decipher: To discover the meaning of something.
  • Scramble: To move quickly but with difficulty, often using your hands to help you.
  • Flipchart: A board standing on legs with large pieces of paper attached to the top.


Do you think you can create a mental game so that you can have fun.


  • Which other mind games do you know?

Welcome to this activity created by Junior Advisor Mr. Jon Valle from Polanco Branch. Take note of all the pink words, read the text, watch the video and answer the question in the comment section below.

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