Kyoto, Japan

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Japan is a land of dichotomy, always maintaining a balanced approach to modern advancement and tradition. Where other cities in Japan have technology, Kyoto has temples, reigning as the country’s cultural capital. When Kyoto was initially listed as a target for the catastrophic a U.S. atomic bomb during WWII, the Secretary of War demanded that it be taken off due to its cultural importance.

Those who venture to Kyoto can expect magical sights of bamboo forests, ornate shrines and temples, impeccably dressed geishas, theatre performances, rambunctious monkeys, and blooming cherry trees when the season permits. Travelers can learn all about art, tea, Zen Buddhism, and other pillars of Japanese culture all within the borders of this easily-accessible city.

Kyoto is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year, though the best time is in spring or fall to avoid harsher weather and crowds. If you’re lucky enough to visit during spring, you’ll experience the city with a backdrop of blooming cherry blossoms. Likewise, fall comes with warm hues of red, orange, and yellow from the maple trees that match perfectly with the warm-colored temples. No matter when you go, you’re sure to be amazed.



  • Dichotomy: A difference between two completely opposite ideas or things.
  • Shrine: A place for worship that is holy because of a connection with a holy person or object.
  • Rambunctious: Full of energy and difficult to control.
  • Backdrop: The view behind something.


Travel and know new places, as a result you will expand your vocabulary while having amazing experiences.


  • What kind of activities would you like to do in Kyoto, Japan?

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