Indonesian Aerospace

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Indonesian Aerospace or how its known by its official Indonesian name PT Dirgantara Indonesia, is an Aerospace company involved in aircraft design and the development and manufacture of civilian and military regional commuter aircraft. It was established in 1976 as a state owned company, it has developed its capability as an aircraft manufacturer and diversified into other areas, such as telecomunication, automotive, maritime, information technology, oil & gas, control & automation, military, simulation techonolgy, industrial turbine, and engnieering services.

Though aircraft production in Indonesia existed before independence in 1945, the National Aviation Industry was pioneered in 1946 at Yogyakarta by the formation of Planning and Construction Bureau within the Indonesian Air Force.

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Indonesian-aircraft Industries ) produces various types of aircraft to fulfill the needs of civil airlines, military operators and specific missions. Through many years in aircraft design, PTDI has become proficient in and capable of designing new aircraft and changing the aircraft’s system configuration and structure for specific mission purposes such as maritime patrol, surveillance and coast guard.

  • Vision: To be the world class aerospace company based on high technology and cost competitiveness in the global market.
  • Mission: As the center of competence in aerospace industry for both commercial and military mission, as well as for non aerospace application.


  • Aircraft: Machine capable to fly.
  • Fulfill: Achieve or realize something.
  • Pioneer: A person
     who is among the first in the making or design of something.
  • Proficient: A person skilled in doing something.


How amazing is to know about airplanes and how they´re made! Let´s find out more about this aerospace industry. Read articles in English about this subject.


  • Do you know how planes are made?

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