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The quality of public healthcare in Indonesia is not up to the standard that many Western expats may be used to. Although private medical care in Indonesia is expensive, it is the option best suited to the needs of expats and where they can expect better facilities and medical staff that speak English. Many expats choose to travel to neighbouring countries that have better medical facilities, such as Singapore or Thailand, for routine or planned procedures.

The standard of local medical care can be poor and public hospitals, especially those found in the capital, tend to be overcrowded and waiting times will be long. Foreigners are not included in the national health insurance scheme, so doctors and public hospitals will likely expect payment in cash up front.

Pharmacies in Indonesia sell a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter medications and usually have a pharmacist on site to assist customers with any drug-related questions. Again, be aware that, generally, Indonesian pharmacists know little English so expats may have trouble communicating with them.




Read the complete article on the link to know better what’s going on and compare the situation with Mexico.


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