Ice Skating

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Ice Skating is a 3,000 years old activity which first was used to cross over lakes or places with a big amount of ice and snow. Nowadays, it’s a very entertaining sport and considered part of the Olympics disciplines including Figure Skating and Speed Skating.

The first skates were made of bone, so people could glide on top of the ice. Later were added sharpened edges to cut the ice instead of only gliding. These new skates were invented in the Netherlands in approximately the 14th century and were made of steel and in some places wood was used. It was an activity practiced by all social classes, but it wasn’t very common for women before the 1800’s.

Ice skating traveled to Britain and was introduced to the British aristocracy. In the 1640’s was created the first club for skating and here started the first attempts of figure skating. It was until 1772, when the first book about ice skating was published and the differences between figure and speed skating were described  This two are still the main disciplines of ice skating.

considered the father of modern figure skating due to the addition of ballet movements and music to the routine. Another important improvement was his skates, instead of just strapping the blades onto the boot, he screwed them directly. This provide him with stability and made him able to perform different types of leaps.

It was in the frozen lakes of Scotland where speed skating emerged. Many people would compete to earn a prize that could be money or food. This races turned into big championships which were originated in the Netherlands. This sport became very popular in North America by 1851.

Both disciplines were part of the Olympics in the second decade of the 1900’s. We can see how this practice has evolved through the years, is evident the changes in gear, techniques and performance.

You can enjoy this activity in ice rinks of different cities, despite of lacking the cold weather you can practice it in a specialized place. Have you practiced this sport? Tell us about it in the comment section

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