How to Write a Script

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Every movie or TV series begins with an idea. Whether it is an original idea or a book that you want to adapt to screen, you need to write a script to be able to get the filming in action.

Let’s start with the basics, once you’ve written the central idea of the plot you need to start building around it and all that process can be divided into several steps:

• World Building: Imagine the world in which you want your story to take place, picture it as vividly and with as many details as you can (time, technology, nature, climate, architecture, etc.)

• Characters, Relationships and Conflict: To build your characters you need to ask these questions first:
a) Who is the main character?
b) What does the main character want?
c) What prevents it/him/her from getting it?

Answering these questions you’ll know how to build the plot, what obstacles to put in the character’s way and also what decisions your character will make when facing a dilemma. 


  • Inciting Incident: Plot point or event that hooks the reader into the story.
  • Synopsis: A brief or condensed statement giving a general view of some subject.
  • Turning Point: The time at which a situation starts to change in an important way

Repeat the process for the rest of the characters as well and add two more questions:
a) What do they want from the main character?
b) What does the main character want from them?

• Write a Synopsis: It will help you have a general idea with the writing process. You need to add all the significant plot points in this synopsis:
1. Beginning 
2. Inciting Incident
3. First Turning Point (Call to Action, Point of no return and All is Lost) 
4. Second Turning Point 
5. Climax 
6. End

• Dialogue: After building the synopsis you need to add all remaining details by creating the interaction of the characters in a dialogue. A good dialogue is one that sounds natural and authentic for the world the story evolves through the character that say it. Try to be subtle, don’t over explain things and read them out loud, hear if it sounds natural and if it doesn’t change it.

Now that you know the basics to a good script you are ready to write your own screenplay.

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