How to Keep Motivated to Reach Your Resolutions

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You’ve made your New Year’s resolutions, and once again, losing weight and getting in shape are on the top of the list. In the past, you’ve sold yourself short and stopped exercising after a couple weeks into January. What can we do to do things different this time?

Our underlying motivation for these goals is crucially important in determining whether we will be stick with the pursuit of a goal or not. So often when setting goals, we focus on what we want to do and do not dig into why we want to do it. Yet it is this deeper self-reflection that drives sustained commitment to a new habit or behavior.

For that reason, there are four recommendations to keep motivated and reach those resolutions of yours:

  1. Reflect: Consider your “whys” for initiating a lifestyle change; and ask yourself if it has symbolized that this change/behavior is a chore or a gift?
  2. Reset: Know that we’ve all been socialized to think about and approach “healthy” lifestyles from the same perspective, one that has turned them into medicine instead of the vehicles of joy and meaning that they truly are – let go of any sense of personal failure because the formula we’ve been taught sets us up for starting and stopping but not sustaining. People feel like failures and this is very bad for motivation.
  3. Choose: Consider the specific experiences, that if you had more of them in your day, would lead you to feel better and drive greater success in your roles. Do you feel drained and need more energy? Do you need more time to connect with loved ones? Then pick one of these experiences – this is what the Right Why is – and identify what lifestyle behavior might deliver it to you. It’s important to focus on changing one behavior at once because the goal is to institutionalize it into our lives. Humans have a limited capacity for decision making so we must strategically use it as the limited resource it truly is.
  4. Experiment: Experiment with a plan for one week to see what happens, including the types of things that get in the way. Plan a date on your schedule to sit down and evaluate whether that behavior helped you realize your Right Why and also what you might want to tweak going forward. Because it’s an opportunity to learn, there is no failure. It’s about continuing to experiment with whys and ways to achieve them until you discover what works for you.


  • Commitment: A promise or firm decision to do something.
  • Reflect: To show or be a sign of something.
  • Tweak: To change something slightly to try to improve it.


Read and write some inspirational quotes to help yourself to keep motivated.


  • What is one of your goals for 2019?

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