How to Find Security Within Ourselves?

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Sometimes your worst enemy is yourself, we’re full with self-doubt and prejudices, always worrying about what other people think or say. That’s why the solution is already at our reach, because it’s inside of us. If we have security on the inside, we don’t have to worry about anything on the outside.

One of the most common mistakes we all do is to try to find security from an external source. We search for confidence in the way we look, in how much we earn and in the opinions of other people. In order to find security within yourself, we present to you some good advice.

First, you must understand the first thing we said. You are the enemy. Don’t undermine yourself or put yourself down; you are a human with a lot of potential. Search things that you are good at, remember no one does it perfectly the first time, we must keep trying to reach excellence.

It’s a difficult journey but when you start to look at the world around you through the eyes of a more confident version of yourself, you’ll see the difference. Despite the fear, you will be able to surpass any obstacle in your way. Always be authentic, be true and loyal about who you really are.


  • Undermine: To make someone less confident or powerful.
  • Put somebody Down: To make someone feel silly or unimportant.
  • Surpass: To do or be better than someone or something.
  • Reach: To arrive at a place, to make a decision or agreement, to get to a certain level. 


Write down five qualities you have and three things you love about yourself in any aspect.


  • Where does your strong sense of security come from?

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